Life of a working lady is not easy she has to manage the home chores and office work and if she has kids she has to look after her kids as well the responsibilities of a working lady increase because kids need full attention and it is not easy to manage the kids and office work but there are many women who manage very well. The life of women is not easy, for example, if there is a girl who lives her parents who are old age and not well and father is retired now the problem is the girl is not well educated and she couldn’t find any decent job, what should the girl do? Even though she tries to get a decent job but every time she fails how she earn money to get the food is there any way other than selling her body to the stranger? There are many girls who sell their body to stranger people for the sake of only money. What life they are spending, is this any life? No, they become slaves and like a working machine which gives pleasures to others but losing their own self-esteem like decent escort tax agent.

There are two types of women who join this adult industry one who wants to earn money and other just for the fun, it completely their choice because it is their body they can do anything with their body either to sell it someone for the money or save It for the person whom she loves.
The life of an escort is not easy in many countries this activity is still illegal, they cannot go out and ask anyone to sleep with them, this work was done through the agency, yes agency can arrange the escort for the person who wants to fulfil his needs. For example, if a girl wants to earn money only this option left through which she can earn the money, she will get registered herself in any adult agency who can give her work and where she can work as an escort, then they get her few tests done and the complete photo shoot some of the pictures will they get naked and some with the props it depends on the company after the photo shoot they will attach you a picture in the album from where person can easily select you that’s how these agencies works.

Like any other business the adult industry where companies run they have to pay tax. Adult service accounting company, they have the sex worker home loan who deals with the clients and they have sex business worker consultant who looks into the business and provides the best services.