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Halal Banking; Why Should You Opt For It?

If you are debating if you should opt for halal banking, but are not sure if it’s the right thing for you, here are a few tips to help you decide…

Reassurance that you’re doing things the right way

In the back of our minds, we are all well aware that our time on Earth is simply that of a traveler on a journey; our real destination is still to be reached. As a practicing Muslim who is aware of the halal and the haram, you too know that above anything, pleasing God at the end of said journey is what we all ultimately want. Opting for Islamic banking at the very least assures you that the money you earn, spend, invest and eat with, is actually done in a way that is beneficial for this end goal.

Is less of a hassle when it comes to following the Sharia rules

In all honesty, laws and rules in Islam are simple enough to follow. In fact, the simplicity of the religion is one of the reasons that even in today’s world, where becoming a Muslim is not the safest thing to do, Islam is still one of the fastest growing religions. The rules regarding it only gets complicated and tough to follow when tradition and rules of the region/country mingles with it. However, the sharia rules are common to all; and are pretty straight forwards as well! Trust us, knowing the rules and following them makes life so much less drama inclined.

Connection to other halal business services; Islamic window

When it comes to the money you’ve earned, there so much that you can do with it. Halal pensions are vastly getting popular, as most youngsters and young business people are not really planning on working all their life. The sunset years are meant to be enjoyed…not simply existed. Other Islamic windows like halal insurance or investment screening too can be looked into. If you are someone who agrees that you need to start planning your retirement from your early 20s, then you’ll find that taking time to decide on other Islamic windows will help you a great deal with your goal. Visit this link for more info on halal insurance.

A buffer against the haram investments

More often than not, when we are brand new to the ever changing business world, many of us makes mistakes. If you are fortunate, it will only be minor mistakes that result in minor setbacks. However, with time and gaining experience, we make lesser mistakes and are more prone to be cautious. Using professional services like Islamic banks help you create a buffer against the haram, and make sure you are investing and spending on the right things. It’s not uncommon to not know exactly where your money is going, for it’s a mistake many make; but that is something that can be rectified very easily if desired…

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